Monday, July 31, 2017

David Gordon on Libertarian Philosophy

From a Mises video release, explaining libertarian beliefs on a range of subjects. The application of libertarian philosophy expressed by Gordon, the Libertarian Party or others may or may not universally represent what is a libertarian position on the topics for all adherents.

Is Planet 7 Casino a Scam?

Decide for yourself. Curated video editorial on Planet 7 Casino and similar deals like the Vegas Casino Online Bonuses available from their casino online:

Sprayble Melatonin for Better Sleep

Popular interest is increasing over products like sprayble melatonin, and where to buy sprayable sleep products in the market:  

Video: Online PC Support is Here for Norton, McAfee

Users desiring more PC security will benefit from the additional support for Norton and online PC help due to Symantec's new acquisitions, according to its recent releases. Companies providing online PC support to for users to renew Norton, install McAfee antivirus support or even to download McAfee antivirus will also become more valuable as a result of these developments:

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stabilize Cholestorol and Burn Fat with Omega 3 and Forskolin

Suggestions to buy Forskolin and Fish Oil for cholesterol and weight management, excerpted from Whole Foods:

...Omega-3s. Joiner-Bey believes omega-3s from sources like flaxseed oil, fish oil and krill oil may help support healthy weight by increasing the number of mitochondria inside of fat cells (which helps metabolize fat) and controlling the number of fat cells in the body.

Emily M. Gonzalez, N.D., senior scientific development associate at Life Extension, Fort Lauderdale, FL, adds that omega-3s from fish oil may also support a healthy weight by benefiting blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation levels. Citing research, Gonzalez states, “Incorporating lean or oily fish, or fish oil into energy-restricted diets resulted in about 2.2 pounds more loss of weight over four weeks than diets without in a group of 138 overweight and obese men”...

Badmaev gives an example of a safe fat-absorption inhibitor. This combination of C. forskohlii, S. reticulata and S. Indicum (FB3 from Bio Actives) inhibits pancreatic lipase activity for weight management support, but avoids unpleasant gastrointestinal issues.

Forskolin is also on the radar of Ryan J. Foley, president and CEO of NuvoCare Health Sciences Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada. He says it can “stimulate the key fat burning hormone in the body known as HSL without negatively effecting heart rate or function.” One branded form (ForsLean, from Sabinsa Corp.) was found in a 12-week study to help subjects lose an average of 9.9 pounds and improve lean body composition, “meaning they did not lose muscle,” says Foley.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Healthy Fats and Essential Oils are Superior

Excerpted from Food Processing:

...There’s an ongoing debate in the nutrition world about the merits and dangers of saturated fat. Traditionally, they've been shunned, and many health organizations maintain that eating saturated fat from any source increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Recently, other nutrition experts argue they contribute to weight control and overall health.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia found saturated fats – in butter, other whole-milk dairy products, palm and coconut oils and fatty meats -- are protective in inflammatory diseases such as colitis, Crohn’s disease, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

"Saturated fats aren’t toxic; they actually have the ability to promote healing," says lead researcher Deanna Gibson. She also notes that people with gut issues and those already on a restricted diet might be nutritionally deprived and therefore should not avoid fats. Fats are essential for the body, she says, and are important for tasks such as hormone production and brain function.

"Improved" fats and oils got some of the spotlight at the July Institute of Food Technologists' IFT Food Expo. Bunge North America ( has been on a mission to find non-GMO sources for many of its products, and non-GMO canola and soybean oils were introduced under Bunge's Whole Harvest brand.

TerraVia (, which mines algae for a number of products, showed AlgaWise algae oil with omega-9s. The company's new Thrive culinary algae cooking oil has 75 percent less saturated fat than olive oil.

AAK USA (, formerly AarhusKarlshamn, incorporated Cisao 7831 non-hydrogenated flakes into a savory flatbread to improve flakiness. EsSence 86-43, a non-hydrogenated/no trans solution with a low satured fat profile delivered a moist, soft texture in lavender cupcakes. Illexao CB 58, a cocoa butter equivalent, contributed the same physical properties and triglyceride composition as cocoa butter in cookies.

Like the sunflower folks, soybean crops are tilting toward high-oleic seeds from both DuPont and Monsanto, and their resulting oils are ready for the market, reports Qualisoy (

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Factors Affect High Cholesterol

Your blood cholesterol level is af­fected not only by what you eat but also by how quickly your body makes LOL ("bad") cholesterol and disposes of it. In fact, your body makes all the cholesterol it needs, and It IS not necessary to take in any additional cholesterol from the foods you cal. A variety of factors can affect your cholesterol levels. They include:

* Diet: Saturated fat and cholesterol in the food you eat increase cholesterol levels. Try to reduce the amount of these in your diet.
* Weight: In addition to being a risk factor for heart disease, being overweight can also increase your cholesterol. Losing weight can help lower your LOL and total cholesterol levels, as well as increase HOL cholesterol.
* Exercise: Regular exercise can lower LOL cholesterol and raise HOL choles­terol. You should try to be physically ac­tive for 30 minutes daily (I don't mean the amount of exercise from your job).
* Age and Gender: As we get older, choles­terol levels rise. Before menopause, women tend to have lower total cholesterol levels than men of the same age. After menopause, however. women's LDL levels tend to rise.
* Diabetes: Poorly controlled diabetes increases cholesterol levels. With improve­ments in control, cholesterol levels can fall.
* Heredity: Your genes partly determine how much cholesterol your body makes. High blood cholesterol can run in families. * Other causes: Certain medications and medical conditions can cause high cholesterol.

What Dietary Changes must be Implemented for Decrease in Cholesterol?

Approximately, 50% of the cholesterol in our body is manufactured in the liver; the remaining cholesterol is de­rived from our food intake. Only foods that come from animals contain cholesterol; plant foods such as vegetables, nuts, fruits and vegetable oils do not contain cholester­ol. A plant doesn't have a liver, and there­fore it is impossible for them to produce or contain cholesterol.

The body makes much of its cholesterol out of the saturated fatty acids in the foods we consume. Saturated fatty acids are found in foods such as red meat, eggs and coconut, but it is also cre­ated in the body from the breakdown of sugar. Consumption of large quantities of sugar, starchy and carbohydrate rich foods wi II make our body accumulate saturated fat that can be used to manufacture cholesterol.


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